Pagan Megalith was formed in Miskolc, Hungary in December 2004 by three members: Ga'eheln Tuhlv, Corvus and Bastard. During this first era, the intent was to idolise the true old ones. The first demo "From Hell to the Highest Peaks" (2006) contained tracks written in this manner. That release was limited to 25 hand-numbered copies exclusively.

    Since 2007, the band did live performances occasionally. Material of the second demo "Trinitas" was recorded at one of the first concerts.

    During the passing years, still using the raw Nordic legacy, a decision has been made to use native language in lyrics - for expressing a more personal edge. Filled with endless Negation, the debut full-length "Ólomharangok" (Leadenbells) came alive in 2008.

    Thereafter in 2010, right before recording an entirely composed next album, the band chose not to withstand its own circumstances and suspended to exist.

    However, time has shown that too many words were left to be told - so the group reformed in 2016 and gave birth to the second chapter entitled "Viharjárás" (Stormburst). For glorifying Death, the current line-up (Tuhlv and Ae) returned to stage as well, assisted by Vick on drums.

    During 2017 "Óarany" (Dead Gold) EP has been recorded with four Early Norwegian Black Metal (Immortal, Darkthrone, Burzum, Gorgoroth) covers. From this point the band's sound is no longer based on modern ages. Still performing the same music but with only traditional, medieval-esque instruments.

    And finally on the day of Winter Solstice, 2017 the last statement was done by the third full-length called "Túlvég" (End Beyond). With giving birth to this material, Pagan Megalith finally became one with its primal element: Death.

    Shadows of Non-Existence we were. Nothingness exhaled through us. Pagan Megalith was Perfectly Aimless and called for No One.

Members were:

Ga'eheln Tuhlv (2004-2017)
Ae (2009-2017)
Vick - session drums (2016-2017)
Monarch - drums (2008-2010)
Korpse - guitars (2007-2009)
Corvus - vocals / guitars (2006), bass (2007-2008)
Carrion - bass (2005)
Bastard - bass (2004-2006)

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